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November 6 to November 9, 2014
Scottsdale, Arizona, USA

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For God so loved you that He gave His only Son,
that if you believe in Him
you shall not perish but have eternal life.
Happy Easter!

AMASC THEME 2010-2014

Listening with One Heart

To cross the cultural chasm, one must have compassion
Can one have compassion without listening?
Listening to what is in the heart of the other?
To further the goal of unity

The theme of the AMASC Mandate 2010-2014 is
Listening with One Heart
Escuchemos con un solo Corazon.
Nos coeurs unis à l'écoute.


Social Network amongst young alumni of Sacred Heart schools
all over the world
Volunteering opportunities
for personal development of Young Alumni
Website at Young AMASC
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Hospitality through

Society Sacred Heart

We thank you, dear Religious,
True daughters of St. M. Sophie Barat.
You instill Sophie's spirit within us
Carrying it across time and seas
Calling us Children of the Sacred Heart.

We join your mission and ministries. We reflect your value of open-mindedness, when we witness to the love of Jesus as we speak with effective voices in our work places, churches and homes

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Janet Erskine Stuart Centenary Celebrations

Open to RSCJ worldwide, co-workers and friends

All Society of the Sacred Heart Events.
Academic Conference, University of Roehampton, London
Follow the websites of RSCJs and schools all over the world for their celebrations

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Welcome to AMASC
World Association of Alumnae and Alumni of the Sacred Heart

Welcome to the AMASC website. You will find that all contents on the pages on this website can be translated, not only in the three official languages of AMASC, but in your own preferred language. The translation is literal and not necessarily precise nor grammatically correct.

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XV AMASC World Congress - Information and Registration now available online in three languages at

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StampsEaster 2014
Reflection and wishes from AMASC World President
The Easter Gospels recount the Passion, Death and Rising of Christ. The Gospel accounts are more than Salvation History they contain a message for us for the Alleluia of the Gospel message rings out to us today to transform the world. The Easter Gospels tell us that the love of the Sacred Heart of God remains alive on earth, that God is closer to us than our own hands. Read more.....
Pamela Snyder

AMASC World President

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We have received and thank the Spanish Alumna for the history of Collecting Cancelled Stamps.
Details of the history and continuity of collecting the stamps can be found at Stamps.html
This fundraiser partially underwrites the Congress attendance of some AMASC delegates.

Let us not forget and help in donating for
9th February 2014

Relief Efforts in the Philippines

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