Feast day of Saint Philippine Duchesne rscj

18 November 2014

‘There are no difficulties
except for those who worry
too much about tomorrow.’
Philippine Duchesne

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from Pam Snyder and team to
Marisa Morena and team
from Scottsdale,AZ to Mexico

AMASC THEME 2014-2018

* La herencia de Sofia, un regalo para el mundo

* Sophie's legacy, a gift to the world

* L'héritage de Sophie, un cadeau pour le monde

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Society Sacred Heart

We thank you, dear Religious,
True daughters of St. M. Sophie Barat.
You instill Sophie's spirit within us
Carrying it across time and seas
Calling us Children of the Sacred Heart.

We join your mission and ministries. We reflect your value of open-mindedness, when we witness to the love of Jesus as we speak with effective voices in our work places, churches and homes

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Feast of Mater Admirabilis

This year's Feast of Mater includes a surprise
for those who honor this image of Our Lady
Just as Pauline Perdrau's work surprised the
community at Trinita dei Monti all those years ago,
2014 brings a new surprise.
Another original painting of Mater by
Pauline Perdrau has been re-discovered.

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Welcome to AMASC
World Association of Alumnae and Alumni of the Sacred Heart

Welcome to the AMASC website. You will find that all contents on the pages on this website can be translated, not only in the three official languages of AMASC, but in your own preferred language. The translation is literal and not necessarily precise nor grammatically correct.

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AMASC New President 2014-2018
Mrs Marisa Moreno de Malcher
Discurso de aceptación; Acceptance Speech; Discours d'acceptation


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