Young AMASC is a social network amongst young alumni of Sacred Heart schools around the world offering volunteering opportunities for personal development and part of AMASC, the world wide network of Sacred Heart alumni Mission
In short YOUNG AMASC strives to:

· be a social network for young alumni of the Sacred Heart around the world
· provide opportunities for personal development of young alumni

So what can we offer you?

- Social network:
Through this you will get to know young people from all over the world.
Through our anual European meetings and our World Congress every 4 years you will meet Sacre Coeur Alumni of all continents.

- Hospitality network: Besides our AMASC hospitality network we offer you a new way to contact other AMASC members to stay with: www.tripping.com just launched!
For more information, contact us!

- Volunteering oppurtunities: Our volunteering options reach form India and Africa to the US! Besides the low costs you will easily make new friends with the local Sacre Coeur members which will be happy to show you their country and culture.

- Fundraising: In all countries projects are organized to collect money for charity.

General information
Our organisation is a branch of the greater AMASC (Association Mondiale des Anciennes et Anciens du Sacré Coeur) Network. With this page we want to provide an active, prospering communication among Sacred Heart Students. For that matter we are currently working on rigging up a communication platform, that will hopefully take off. By now we are writing letters to several Sacred Heart Schools, to ease interaction.

Email: youngamasc@amasc-sacrecoeur.org
Website: http://www.amasc-sacrecoeur.org/