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AMASC Newsletter September 2017 Edition


1.- Japan
2.- Canada

3.- Brazil
4.- The Netherlands
5.- Puerto Rico

6.- Uganda
7.- Perú


Yoko Nakayama
National President of JASH (Japan Alumna Association or the Sacred Heart)


Report of the 31st JASH Day by Yoko Nakayama (President) and Setsuko Harashina (Vice President)


The 31st JASH Day took place on March 15 and 16, 2017, welcoming AMASC President Marisa Moreno de Malcher, KASH President Chi Hei Chung and Vice President Haewon Youn (Korea Association of the Sacred Heart.)
The General Meeting on the 15th was attended by 190 JASH members, including the RSCJs and Principals of Sacred Heart Schools in Japan.
The Buffet Lunch which followed was both a warm family gathering and a lively reunion of old friends sharing happy memories.
Below, are the details of the two memorable days spent in the company of our very special Guests.

March 15  JASH Day begins.
10:30 am  Prayer Service at the University Chapel; 11:00 am  General Meeting in the Miyashiro Hall;  Opening Address Sr. Mieko Shinjo JASH Honorary President,and Provincial of Japan Province, Society of the Sacred Heart;
 Address by AMASC President Marisa Moreno de Malcher;  12:10 pm   Buffet Lunch prepared by the Hospitality Committee;           
2:00 pm    A visit to the recently renovated old residence of Prince Kuni in the University ground;
3:00 pm  Meeting of AMASC and Asia held in the Miyashiro House.

March 16 "A Visit to Fuji Sacred Heart School” & “Welcome Reception”
8:15 am    Bright and early, the bus for Fuji Sacred Heart School left Tokyo. In beautiful weather, Mount Fuji could be seen from the bus;
10:00am    A visit to the cemetery, the final resting place of many S.H. Sisters, where flowers and prayers were offered,Then to the Archives, where the history of the Sacred Heart in Fuji and in Japan is on display;
12:30pm    After lunch, the Guests took the Bullet Train back to Tokyo for the evening program.
6:00 pm   The Welcome Reception was held with Her Majesty the Empress of Japan gracing the evening with Her Presence.  55 guests including the Sacred Heart Sisters, attended the event.
It was an evening for the Sacred Heart Family who share the common heritage, the education received at the Sacred Heart schools all over the world.
March 17   Departure.
Marisa, Chi Hei Chung and Haewon Youn returned to their countries, with promises of a reunion next year in Merida.


Sarah Cassidy
National President of CANADA



Hello dear friends,
The summer is quickly coming to an end and I hope all of you and your family and friends have had a chance to enjoy it! I wanted to give you an update on CASHA activities.  
In July, I attended the US Canada Provincial Assembly participating in activities for Hearts Transformed by Fire. We learned the Seven Principles of Generative Listening and reflected in breakout groups on the issues we felt most engaged in: Immigration, Refugees, First Nations, Youth and the homeless. In addition, the AASH president and I were asked to create a display for the open market to promote our national alumnae/i associations. With help from both SH schools, the CASHA display included photos of the schools in Vancouver, Winnipeg, Montreal and Halifax, our alums and many of the RSCJs and heads of school. It was very well received by the attendees.

Our CASHA conference is fast approaching with the theme - Past, Present and Future Frontiers (October 21). It will give direction to an engaging and action-oriented agenda for approximately 150 attendees from across Canada, the United States and Mexico. One of the highlights will include the social actions planned to celebrate the Bicentennial of Saint Rose Philippine Duchesne, a pioneer missionary of the Religieuses du Sacré-Cœur de Jésus (RSCJ) who sailed on the Rebecca and brought the first school to North America.
If you have not registered yet we encourage you to register to avoid missing this opportunity to connect globally with others of the Sacred Heart family.
Thank you to those who are registered and please share with others you feel would be interested. It is going to be an incredible experience as we share Rebecca moments together.
On August 29th Shelia Donahoe and I were fortunate to be invited guests (among others) to the opening SHSH Employee Assembly yesterday. It was a pleasure for me to be among all day and evening employees who make Sacred Heart the vibrant school it is.
There were so many high points from the introduction of new staff to welcoming of all present to the sharing of the focus of 2017-2018 academic year!
As always, we keep in our prayers alum and their family and I ask that you include at this time Alice Burns, AASH Past president; Esther Kmetty, Past President Phoenix Alum Association and Pam Snyder, Past President AMASC whose daughter is ill and those alum and family who are living with the impact of Hurricane Harvey in Houston.

I wish everyone a safe and blessed Labour Day weekend.
Kind regards

Maria Helena de Mello
National President of Brazil






El 31 de Mayo conmemoración de Nuestra Santa Madre Magdalena Sofia y Asamblea General
para eligir la nueva Tesorera y dos miembros del Consejo.
Fue una bella fiesta que reunió ex-alumnas e RSCJs en una celebración preparada por Hermana Cléa de Castro Neves.





El 12 Julio el primer Bazar de 2017. Con el resultado ANASC-BRASIL ayuda las siguientes obras socio educativas:

Trabajo voluntario Berço de Mater (Cuna de Mater)
Trabajo voluntario de producción de ajuares para madres embarazadas de bajos ingresos.
En el primer semestre de 2017 ANASC-BRASIL distribuyó 70 ajuares.

Guradería Mundo Infantil – Comunidad Dona Marta – Barrio de Botafogo – RJ
Guardería São Cosme, São Damião – Barrio de Andaraí – Rio de Janeiro 
ANASC-BRASIL proporcionó la Fiesta de Pascua para los niños y niñas acogidos por estas dos Guarderías.

Cine Floresta Nossa (Cine Nuestro Bosque) – Barrio de Alto da Boa Vista - RJ
Asilo para niños, niñas y jovenes de la ciudad de Belford Roxo–Cercanías de Rio de Janeiro
Seguimos con una ayuda concreta a estos dos trabajos dirigidos, respectivamente, por  
Hermana Maria Cecília Amarante, rscj y por la Ex-alumna Thereza Quadros, Comisaria de Justicia de la ciudad.

Fondos de becas
ANASC-BRASIL esta ofreciendo fondos de beca para dos niñas, hijas de una funcionaria de las RSCJs ancianas.

Ação Social pela Música do Brasil
ANASC-BRASIL colabora con esta magnifica obra social de educación por la música clásica para jóvenes de bajos ingresos.









  01/08/2017: Una tarde con la pintora mejicana Frida Kahlo”  (ex-aluna ANNA MARIA MANDELERT)  
Familia: vínculos de sangre y de afecto , (escritor FRANCISCO AZEVEDO.)



Desde 26/08 hasta 03/09 ANASC-BRASIL estuve involucrada con las conmemoraciones de 30 años de trabajo del Instituto Pró-Saber






Niny Op de Coul-Wösten
Presidente of The Netherlands

This year there was a special year:
In 2017 our Association who is founded in 1922, existed 95 years!!
Therefore in April we had a very nice reunion in ‘ s-Hertogenbosch, centrally situated in the Netherlands. We do our bests en hope to reach 100 years of our association !!
All over the years there is not so much change in our yearly programs.
Mostly every year there is a lunch-reunion, a reflection day and a golf match for
the alumnae. This year we organise a reflection day in November. It is  always a very inspiring day, with a special warm open mind as Sacred Heart sisters!
For the sportive alumnae we had in the begin of September our yearly very enthusiastic Sacred Heart Golf match.
We give very much attention to our Sacred Heart bulletin, two times in the year, to stay in good contact!
It is with deep sadness that we announce that Jacqueline Klomp-Verhoeven, Emeritus Member of AMASC passed away. We pray for her and her family.


junta de gobierno Antiguas alumnas
Relaciones Universitarias y desarrollo


Como cada año la Fiesta del Sagrado Corazón, patrón de nuestra Universidad, se celebra con mucha devoción y entusiasmo por parte de toda la comunidad universitaria.

Es nuestra costumbre, durante la procesión de entrada, representar con un velón rojo encendido, cada una de las décadas de nuestra historia.  Al finalizar la eucaristía,
se conmemoró el aniversario de las clases del Pensionado, College y la Universidad del Sagrado Corazón que cumplían desde 70 hasta 10 años de graduados.

Recientemente, las antiguas alumnas nos solidarizamos ante la pérdida de las queridas religiosas del Sagrado Corazón que partieron a morar con el Señor.
Participamos de las misas en acción de gracias por sus vidas y recordamos con amor a quienes formaron parte integral de nuestra educación en el Colegio.

Por otro lado, continuando con nuestros esfuerzos para apoyar y fortalecer el Fondo de Becas de la Universidad del Sagrado Corazón,
llevaremos a cabo la actividad Merienda entre Amigas, el próximo 4 de octubre de 2017.
El mismo será un compartir ameno entre compañeras de clase.

Rosemary Ssembajjwe
President UASHA

Uganda Alumnae Sacred Heart Association



There are opportunities the good Lord brings into one’s life and they cause many questions, whose answers you can hardly get. As the year began little did I know that the Lord had destined me to meet the Holy Father Pope Francis at close range.
When Pope Francis visited Africa in 2016, Uganda (my country) was one of the lucky three countries he visited. This was the third Pope to visit Uganda in the footstep of Pope Paul VI who visited us in 1969 and John Paul II in 1993.
They were all attracted to Namugongo the site of martyrdom where 22 young men were burnt alive because of their faith, what is termed as the African Holocaust by some writers.

My home being close to the site of martyrdom where Pope Francis was to lead Mass, I hosted six priests, all strangers to me and two nuns, only one known to me. 
Two priests and two nuns stayed for a week but others came as days drew nearer. I thank God for all the daily morning Masses and evening prayers together under my roof, they yielded a blessing to my family.


Rosemary Sharing a Light Moment with Pope Francis

On the D-day I woke up with my guests after midnight and we headed to the shrine in a bid to get seats close to the podium but
it was not possible despite the fact that I had secured an invitation card to enable me sit close.
Failure to meet the pope at close range hurt me because I knew I had lost the golden opportunity but the Lord saw my heart desires and planned for me better.






Stella receiving a blessing from the Holy Father

On the 27th August 2017, the good Lord gave me the opportunity to meet the Holy Father, Pope Francis, at even more closer range and I was even able to shake hands with him at his home in Vatican, Rome.
He was meeting all Catholic Legislators in the world under their umbrella association, International Catholic Legislators Network (ICLN).


Rosemary sharing a smile with the Holy Father

I was indeed lucky with my sister Stella Akiding, who is also a UASHA member to be selected among the many catholic staff at the Parliament of Uganda to travel with our catholic legislators. To borrow the words of the Psalmist,
What return can I make to Yahweh for His generosity to me? I shall take up the cup of salvation and call on the name of Yahweh.”
(Psalm 116.12-13).




Magdalena Luna Aubry
Presidente Asociación de Antiguas Alumnas del Sagrado Corazón del Perú

Actividades de la Asociación de Antiguas Alumnas del Sagrado Corazón del Perú

A continuación detallamos las actividades realizadas  por la actual directiva de la Asociación Antiguas Alumnas del Sagrado Corazón del Perú
DESDE Setiembre 2016 hasta  setiembre  el año 2017

Todos los meses tenemos la misa del primer viernes en el colegio
Sagrado Corazón Chalet de Chorrillos a las 12 del día y terminamos con un almuerzo de camaradería en
el refectorio del colegio


El 26 de Mayo celebramos la Fiesta de Santa Magdalena Sofía con una misa en el colegio Sagrado Corazón Sophianum,
pasando a los salones para un conversatorio sobre la vida de la Santa


El 23 de Junio la Misa y vino de honor del Sagrado Corazón, en el Colegio Sagrado Corazón Chalet,

En el mes de Julio se realizó el torneo relámpago de Basket en el coliseo del Colegio Sagrado Corazón Sophianum,
entre las antiguas alumnas de las promociones 2010 a 2015



El Julio  el tradicional Te Juego en los salones del Swissotel con asistencia de cerca de 300 Antiguas Alumnas e invitadas

Almuerzo de Reencuentro para el 15 de octubre en el Colegio Sagrado Corazón Sophianum. Coronación de la Virgen
por las integrantes de las bodas de oro de los colegios SC Sophianum, Chalet, Trujillo y Arequipa, y Monterrico ..
Luego pasamos a la misa y almuerzo. Donde también participaron las alumnas del colegio Jaén


Tenemos programado para Diciembre;  La chocolatada por navidad para los niños con habilidades diferentes del CEBE Madre Admirable ,
 la Misa de Navidad para los hijos y nietos de las ex alumnas organizadas por el coro  y  el 08 de diciembre un grupo de antiguas alumnas
después de meses de preparación recibirán la medalla de Hijas de María.