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AMASC Newsletter September 2016 Edition


1.- Cuba-in-Exile
2.- Canada
3.- England and Wales
4.- Japan
5.- Australia
6.- Scotland
7.- Venezuela
8.- India

9.- U.S.A.

Yolanda Iglesias Ramírez, La Habana, Cuba

Fotos de la misa de SMS y
Proyecto Carmen Comella


Estimadas Sras de la Asociación de Antiguas Alumnas,
Mis mejores deseos de que se encuentren bien y también sus familias. Les escribo pues la Hermana. Olga me envió el correo en respuesta al mío que ella les hizo llegar. Ante todo quiero reiterarles mi agradecimiento y el de las personas que han sido beneficiarias de este proyecto que se a mantenido gracias a la generosidad de Uds. y de todas las A.A que han colaborado.
También quiero que sepan que el proyecto Carmen Comella no ha dejado de prestar el servicio a que está destinado, pues en febrero de 2015 la Hermana. Esperanza me entregó 1600 CUC enviados por Uds. además de 400 CUC que faltaban por darme del anterior envío, por lo que el proyecto tenía para 20 meses que terminan en septiembre de 2016.
Es por esto que le pedÍ a la Hermana. Olga se comunicara con Uds. para saber si el Proyecto continuará, pues se que éstas decisiones hay que consultarlas, colegiarlas y llevan su tiempo, y también de no continuar el proyecto tendría que comunicárselos con tiempo a las señoras que trabajan en las casas y a las personas que reciben el servicio; deben saber también que si bien es cierto que en los últimos tiempos ha habido algunos cambios, en esencia la situación real de éstas personas no a cambiado.
También quiero que me disculpen pues desde enero de 2014 que envié el informe del proyecto no pude volver a escribirles para mantenerles al tanto de la marcha del proyecto, pues ya no tenía el correo en la casa y después se rompió el ordenador y perdí todas las direcciones de correo.

De decidir Uds. continuar financiando este Proyecto desde luego que sería como hasta ahora a través de las RSCJ que aunque están en Sancti Spiritus mantienen relación con las Asociadas que vivimos en La Habana, y ellas saben mi teléfono de la casa y del trabajo en San Juan de Letrán.
Agradecida siempre, un abrazo y que Dios las bendiga a Uds. y a sus familias .
Yolanda Iglesias Ramírez, La Habana, CubaEl Proyecto

“Carmen Comella” es enteramente patrocinado por la Asociación de Antiguas Alumnas del Sagrado Corazón con las contribuciones de Uds. El Proyecto ayuda a personas de mayor edad y personas discapacitadas en Cuba, visitándolas, limpiando y llevándoles artículos de primera necesidad. En este momento tienen 10 personas a quienes ayudan.

Sarah Cassidy
National President of CANADA

In February, CASHA annual conference call was held where President, Treasurer and chapter reports were shared, Anne Wachter, rscj sent theSociety news and members were thrilled that Pauline Scott joined the executive as secretary.
Sacred Heart Commission on Goals (SHCOG) leads a process that all SH schools in the US and Canada
engage in to support and ensure the mission is alive and well. In April, the Sacred Heart School of Halifax(SHSH) steering committee for SHCOG met with alums in a self-study exercise to listen and seek to include the way they understand the SH goals and criteria. As well as the way they experience and live them out at SHSH. The self-study document will be completed this spring/fall and mailed to the Commission on Goals by September 30th.

CASHA was pleased to have two Canadian representatives, Halifax Alumnae incoming President, Meaghean Richardson and Bianca Arciero, Montreal alum attend the first AMASC International Youth Meeting  in Washington D.C, coinciding with the AMASC executive midterm mandate meeting in June.  Meaghean wrote an article  about the amazing experience the 10 alums from 7 countries had in Washington.


Bianca Arciero (Canada),
Emily Ariz
Nikolas Dobiasch (Austria),
Ayaka Futay (Japan),
Arantxa Gallardo (Mexico),
Meaghean Richardson
( Canada),
Andrea Ulrich (USA),
Sofia Zamora

Along with our joys this year we  had our sorrows with the passing of Alumnae, friends and family members and we sadly acknowledge the loss of two  members of our Sacred Heart family; Patti Collicutt, dear sister of Maureen Elliott, past AMASC Board member and dear Sister Shelagh Deegan, rscj.
Always in our hearts and prayers are those who have passed.

CASHA executive, Sacred Heart Schools in Montreal and Halifax continue to promote the accomplishments of our alums, support the initiatives of AMASC and RSCJ’s and live the mission of the Sacred Heart.

Respectfully submitted,
Sarah Cassidy
National President- Canada

Gillie Collyer
National President of England-Wales

At the national level, we only have a handful of older members - some from the school at Hove which closed in the 60's and no longer has an association; some from the Irish associations who live in England; and a few from other countries who also live in London and have been loyal members for many years.

We still have a luncheon twice a year which is well attended by these stalwarts and we all appreciate being able to maintain our friendships.

None of the schools or colleges have any religious and the national association has few links with the rscj. Therefore we are hoping to establish a link with Woldingham School which is part of the Sacred Heart network of schools. We will try to have closer ties between the Woldingham Old Girls' Association (known as WHSA) and AMASC, so that England's role/presence in the world is not lost. There are so many opportunities for student/work/cultural exchanges. It would be a shame that the international aspect and the spirit of St Madeleine Sophie cannot continue for pupils when they leave our schools. "
With love

JASH (Japan Alumnae Association of the Sacred Heart)
September 2016

 width=Yoko Nakayama (President)

Description: “The Story of Saint Madeleine Sophie Barat” by Naomi Kojima

In the autumn of 2015, the AMASC Tokyo Congress Commemorative Fund Committee held their annual “Gathering of Young Alumnae” with a very important member of our Association, Naomi Kojima, as the guest speaker. Naomi is an author and illustrator of many children’s books both in Japan and the US, but more important for JASH, it is thanks to her lovely picture book “The Story of Saint Madeleine Sophie Barat” that a whole generation of Sacred Heart students in Japan came to know and love the Foundress of the Society of the Sacred Heart. Here is a quick report on how the book was born, as told by Naomi to the audience at the gathering on October 31.

In 1987, Naomi was approached by the Sister who was then the Principal of her alma mater, asking her to write a book about Saint Madeleine Sophie that could be read and enjoyed by the youngest members of the school. Although she did not know very much about the Foundress, she accepted the offer and set out to immerse herself in preliminary research. As she delved into the story of “Sophie” she discovered so many things she wanted to tell the young readers, that her original idea of a 32page picture book quickly became a 56page story book filled with narrative as well as Naomi’s trademark illustrations studded with information. The story begins from Sophie’s childhood in Joigny, and how with the desire to spread God’s love to the end of the Earth, she founded and led the Society of the Sacred Heart for 62years. On every page, readers will find the warmth of Sophie’s personality, the love she had for all living things and the joy she conveyed to those who came close to her.

In concluding her talk, Naomi mentioned how working on this little book had given her a chance to return to her schooldays, to reassess and reevaluate the education she received. Proud to be a member of the beneficiaries of the legacy of the Foundress, she hoped that the spirit of Saint Madeleine Sophie will be lived by all of us, and will be passed on to the future generations yet to come.
(The English version of the book can be purchased on Amazon com.)


Australian Sacré-Coeur Association - ASCA

Anne de Broglio

The Australian Sacré Coeur Association has followed the RSCJ during their Chapter and congratulate Sr Barbara Dawson rscj on her election as the new Superior General for the next eight years.  It was such a wonderful way to follow our dear RSCJs in their Chapter in Italy.

Provincial Sr Joan Pender rscj,
Sr Lynette Toohey rscj,
Sr Anne Corry rscj
are from the Australia-New Zealand Province who attended the Chapter 2016 in Italy this year 2016.



Australia is in the process of handing over the Presidency to the Sacré-Coeur Association in Melbourne.  Every four years one State hands-over to another State and this will be from NSW to Victoria, Australia.

In April/May this year Kincoppal-Rose Bay in Sydney hosted a Meditatio and the Ecology, Environment Seminar organised by the Australian Christian Meditation Community.   Father Laurence Freeman was the main speaker. This seminar focused on the relationship between our ecology and economy and how a contemplative consciousness might heal our growing disconnections with the earth, and our increasing identification as ‘consumers’.


Joyce P Webser



The Former Pupils Association of Queen’s Cross Aberdeen Scotland met at the beginning of Advent in Bishop’s house – formerly the Convent.

Despite the time of year there was a good turnout. Sr Deirdre O’Brien spoke about her time in China, Mass was then followed by the lighting of the Advent Wreath and the singing of ‘Veni’. There was lots of friendly chatter during the afternoon tea.The Convent School closed in 1971 and it is wonderful to think that the attendance at our meetings is still good (around 30people) as the youngest are now 60yrs and the oldest at the meeting was 96yrs.


This is the only active Former Pupil Association in Scotland and thanks were extended to our outgoing President May Jones and a welcome to our new President Catherine McIntyre and under her good care the Association will continue to meet.






Virginia Rivero

Agosto 2016

Durante este último año nuestras actividades se centran principalmente en mantener la fraterna amistad y el compañerismo entre las ex alumnas del Colegio mediante encuentros por cada promoción que organizan cada una de ellas en diferentes fechas y ocasiones.  Por lo general, se toma el día de Mater el 20 de octubre para la celebración de la misa y una merienda o un almuerzo.
Durante el 2015-2016, se efectuaron seis encuentros de las promociónes de 1971, 1972 y un encuentro que congregó varias promociones en un centro de festejos de Caracas llamado “Topotepuy” al que asistieron más de 100 ex alumnas.
De esta manera, mantenemos vivo el espíritu del Sagrado Corazón la devoción a Mater y a nuestra Santa Madre fundadora Magdalena Sofía Barat.  Son ocasiones también para estrechar los vínculos de amistad, solidaridad y afecto entre nosotras toda vez que nuestro Colegio fue cerrado el año 1972.  Sin embargo, la unión entre todas se ha mantenido y el amor al Colegio es de por vida.

PROMOCION 1972, octubre 2015
PROMOCION 1971, el día  10 de agosto 2016

SCESA (Sophia College Ex-Students / Ex-Staff Association)

Ms. Rajni Desai
National President of India

Newsletter 2015 - 2016

SCESA organized its annual Coffee and Cake for the Teaching Staff of the College on 10th Jul, 2015. The two retired staff who were honoured on the occasion were
Sr. Theresa Pereira (Former Vice Principal, Junior College.) and Ms. Sheila Kapoor (Former Professor, Vocational Dept.).

The annual Tea Party for the Non-Teaching Staff of the College in appreciation of all their support was organized on 7th Apri 2016

Sr. Theresa Pereira         Ms. Sheila Kapoor

Cultural Programme
On the 31st of July' 2015, SCESA organized a Kathak (north Indian classical dance) performance by alumna and renowned dancer Gauri Sharma Tripathi, with her guru and mother Padma Sharma, her daughter Tarini and two students. Celebrated tabla player Kalinath Mishra provided the perfect percussion accompaniment. Their ebullient rendition, lively commentary and the spirited exchange between the ghungroo (ankle bells) and the tabla left the audience enthralled.

Smt. Padma Sharma,  Pt. Kalinath Mishra, Smt. Gauri Sharma Tripathi, Tarini Sharma 

Learning Room in Koipur, Odisha
SCESA has been supporting a learning room for children in the village of Koipur, Odisha. The project is headed by alumna Ninoshka D'Silva, an SBI Youth for India Fellow.

The project includes a Center for Learning at a local Government Primary School attended by 300 tribal children and 3 teachers, with the objectives of setting up a learner friendly space and library with contextual learning materials, building capacity of the teachers for the sustainability of the programmes, and integration of the activities in the current curriculum.

SCESA AGM and Annual Day 2015
The SCESA Annual General Meeting (AGM) 2015 on 8th January 2016 was attended by about 250 ex-students and staff. The AGM was followed by the launch of WOW (Women of the World) in India, by Jude Kelly CBE, Artistic Director of the Southbank Centre and Founder of WOW.

Lighting of the lamp by
Ms. Rajni Desai, Ms. Jude & Dr. Sr. Ananda Amritmahal



Mary Forsyth
President of AASH


It has been a very active year for AASH as we prepare for upcoming regional meetings in four cities in 2016 and the biennial national conference in San Francisco in 2017.

The summer Olympics was a source of celebration for North American alums as we cheered our gold medal Sacred Heart athletes.The Southern Region will meet in St Louis, MO from Septembre 23-25. The theme of this meeting is "Remembrance and Renewal in the Land of Philippine." Included is a visit to Florisssant, St.Philippine's home for 14 years. The Western Region will meet in San Diego CA from October 21-22. "Heart of the Peacemaker" will explore how Sacred Heart women and men can promote peace and justice globally. "May His Light Shine in Our Hearts" is the theme of the Eastern Regional Meeting scheduled for November 4-6 in Washington DC. Speakers will lead attendees to share in the joy as they see ways His Light shines in our hearts. Finally, the Central Region will meet in Bloomfield Hills/Grosse Pointe MI from November 11-12. The theme "The Heart's Roots" will delve into the deeper meaning of our roots in the symbols of the oak tree and the acorn.

San Francisco, California will host the biannual national conference of our association. The theme of this conference is "Create the Future - Celebrate the Past."
Fortunately, there are two Sacred Heart K-12 schools and a former college in the Bay Area. Attendees will visit all three locations to learn, laugh and of course, to eat.
The conference pays homage to St. Philippine on the eve of the bicentennial of her arrival in the United States and the beginning of her global vision of education.
The conference will be initiated by video interviews with students, teachers, parents, alums and RSCJ from all over the US. This is AASH's "gift" to the bicentennial celebration.

Southern Regional Conference
Villa Duchesne-City House Alumnae Association
St. Louis, Missouri
September 23-25, 2016

Western Regional Conference

Associated Alumnae & Alumni of the Sacred Heart
San Diego, California
October 21-22, 2016

Eastern Regional Conference

Washington D.C.
November 4-6, 2016

Central Regional Conference

Bloomfield Hills & Grosse Pointe, Michigan
November 11-12, 2016