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AMASC Newsletter September 2015 Edition


1.- USA
2.- The Netherlands

3.- Australia
4.- Japan

5.- Uganda
6.- Canada


Mary Forsyth

The Associated Alumnae and Alumni of the Sacred Heart in the US have been very busy during the past year.  The alumnae community in Scottsdale Arizona hosted the AMASC Congress in November 2014.  This was a joyous meeting with many US alums attending from all over the United States.  During the Congress, several alums were interviewed for an AASH sponsored video call The Legacy Project.  The purpose of the interviews was to create a video archive of alums’ recollections of their Sacred Heart education.  The outcome of these interviews was an extraordinary collection of interpretations of Sacred Heart past, present and future.   The Legacy Project was shared with the attendees at the AASH National Conference in Boston in April 2015.  It was received with applause, tears and laughter.

The Boston Conference was the biennial meeting of AASH.  The Eastern Region joined the alums of the immediate Boston community in organizing and hosting the three and one half day meeting.  This included a visit to the local Sacred Heart school in Newton MA.  An evening dinner cruise and several outstanding culinary experiences characterized the conference. 

It is customary at the AASH Conference to acknowledge and honor four individuals as Cor Unum awardees. Fellow alums confer the award based on an individual’s embracing the philosophy of the Sacred Heart in her or his everyday life.

Every two years, the leadership of AASH is rotated to a new president and board of directors.  President Alice Burns completed her term in June 2015; Mary Forsyth succeeded her.  The new board had its first meeting at the Academy of the Sacred Heart in St. Charles, MO. 

The shrine of St.Philippine Duchesne is located at the Academy of the Sacred Heart in St. Charles, Missouri. During its meeting, the board committed itself to goals of serving the needs of the alumnae and alumni through improved communications.

Niny Op de Coul-Wösten
President  of  The Dutch Association of the Alumnae of the Sacred Heart.

Over the years there is not much change in our yearly programs, as I already mentioned in 2014.
Every year there is a lunch-reunion, a reflection day and a golf match for the alumnae.
On the board we focus on how to work out the new AMASC theme:
”Sophie’s legacy, a gift tot the world”. *The times change and we must change with them", Madeleine Sophie Barat told us so long ago.
This will be the theme for our reflection day in November in a Trappist monastery convent. An alumna, Liesbeth Thissen, Zr Benedict,who retired this year as abbess, is each year our religious mentor during this reflection day. She always gives us so good guidance for such a rich discussion in cordiality, with a special open mind as sacred heart sisters.

We made a new website, a great achievement and update, just look at us at It is a way to get immediately good basic information of our association and to stay up to date about what is going on in the Netherlands.
Twice a year there is our bulletin ”De Wiekslag",  which started from the start of our Association in 1922, with information and photos of the activities, the religious, projects and special reports of life experiences of alumnae after their Sacred Heart school-time.  

In this bulletin we have paid much attention to the project of Hermine van Asten-Wennekers, Obumu in Uganda, for building a primary school and many more projects to support the people there.

Each year we have a national reunion, this year it will be held more in the center of the Netherlands, ‘ s–Hertogenbosch, so that more alumnae, will be able to come. For the sportive alumnae there is a yearly Sacred Heart Golf match.

The religious are getting older and older!
The eldest religious, Hilda Stuhlemeijer rscj, is now nearly 103 years old and in good health as you can see!! For them personal contact with the Alumnae is very important. Therefore we hold the meetings of the board in Weert, two times a year.
So we stay in contact.
We are very lucky that we have a younger religious, sister Marijke van Eechoud as a very important and active contact person for us on the board and as our contact with the religious.

Unfortunately Young Amasc no longer has a future in the Netherlands.
Young Amasc has for years tried in vain to interest the school and the pupils leaving school.  
Claudia Nicolaije and her board have ended the activities.
The former Sacred Heart School ‘Sophianum’ and the pupils are no longer interested, but the history of our Sacred Heart school stays on the website of the school.  

Australian Sacré-Coeur Association (ASCA)
Anne de Broglio, National President

Kincoppal-Rose Bay, Sydney. The School has honoured the memory of Sister Philomene Tiernan rscj by opening a new Learning Centre.  The students welcomed the guests by holding sunflowers in memory of Sister Phil. 

On that occasion, the Principal also launched the Sister Philomene Tiernan rscj Boarding Bursary which has been set up to provide financial assistance for a boarder, new to KRB, from rural areas of NSW and Queensland.

Sacré Coeur, Melbourne. I was especially impressed by an initiative from Sacré Coeur, Melbourne.  The Small Pleasures Fund was established to help support alumnae living with a debilitating illness or injury, through the provision of ‘small pleasures’. This includes lunches, dinners, beauty treatments; weekends away or even help around the home. The aim is to provide a ‘small pleasure’ to make someone’s day a little brighter and show them that they are not forgotten.

Stuartholme, Brisbane celebrates their 95th year and their focus goal this year is to
‘building community as a Christian Value.



Japanese Association of the Sacred Heart (JASH)

Yumiko Sakikawa (Vice-President)
                   Yoko Nakayama (President)  

Report of the 29th JASH DAY
On March 17, 2015, under the warm spring sunshine, the 29th JASH Day was held at the University of the Sacred Heart, Tokyo.  Over 170 alumnae gathered for the occasion, and after the opening prayer by Sister Reiko Tanaka, the Meeting was declared open by Sister Provincial Mieko Shinjo, Honorary President of JASH.  Following a short opening address by Yoko Nakayama, JASH President, JASH Officers and Board Members took their stand on the stage to be introduced one by one.

Text Box:This year’s program was planned as a reporting presentation on the 15th AMASC World Congress held in November 6-9, 2014 in Arizona USA. The intention was to share the experience of the Congress with everyone, so that all could feel that they were a part of the AMASC family. With Power Point, Vice-President Setsuko Harashina introduced the schedule of the 4day-program, while Yoko Nakayama gave a detailed account of the meetings, discussions, and presentations. Lastly, Vice-President Yumiko Sakikawa introduced the happy moments during receptions, dinners, and brief exchanges at Le Marche, where members met old friends and made new acquaintances.
In the second half of the program, Study Group Chair Yasuko Yamaoka and the three leaders of the subgroups reported on the presentation given at the Arizona Congress. At the end Kaori Okamura the Presenter, gave the resume, this time in Japanese. As in Arizona, it was received with wide acclaim, for the depth of the reasoning leading to the final conclusion shared by all three groups.

The program ended with the “Global Dance” video, showing the Sacred Heart School children world-wide dancing to the same music. The scene of the gathering moved to the Blue Parlor, where the Hospitality Committee had prepared a lovely tea party. Spring-like flower arrangements graced the tables, and a mini-bazaar took place in the Green Parlor. The once- a-year get-together of the Japanese Sacred Heart Alumnae, was a day for all to be thankful for the tie which binds together those who studied at the Sacred Heart.

Uganda Association of the Sacred Heart Alumnae/i (UASHA)

Rosemary Namukasa Ssembajjwe (Mrs)
President/ UASHA

2015 Report
Since this is our maiden report as members of AMASC, I would like on the onset to take this opportunity to extend our gratitude to all presidents of association members of AMASC that took a unanimous vote that ushered in UASHA, as the newest member of AMASC during the XV AMASC Conference in Arizona in November 2014. We shall always be grateful!
After our inauguration as AMASC members, our major task has been to mobilize membership. In Uganda, we have four Sacred Heart Schools, and two which were phased out. However, for many years there has not been a deliberate effort to bring together our alumnae who are scattered all over the country and even beyond. Hence, mobilizing them is not so much an easy task.

In line with UASHA vision, mission and objectives enshrined in the Constitution, the executive drew up a plan of action to guide UASHA operations. High on the agenda are the visits to our former schools. The rationale of this is to create awareness as we mobilize for membership. This was tabled before the Annual General Meeting in January, 2015 which endorsed it and put in place a task force to plan for the said school visits.

Our first visit was to Kalungu Girls Training Centre (KGTC) on Women’s Day 8 March 2015. We were invited by the headmistress, Sr Liz Nakubulwa rscj, who is also alumna of the same school. The number of alumnae that turned up despite the distance was overwhelming. The excitement was too much as many were meeting their former friends after a very long time.
A lot of effort was put in preparations, Grey and white T-shirts with black and blue collars bearing UASHA Logo were printed and were meant to form part of the dress code. This was for marketing purposes. The function started with Holy Eucharistic Celebration at St Charles Lwanga Parish Church at 10.30am. The main celebrant Rev. Fr Martin was full of praises for the alumnae for remembering their mother school on Women’s Day. He encouraged that spirit to continue.

Alumnae with Kalungu Girls Training Centre prefectorate on Women’s Day during school visit

After Mass we all assembled in the school’s new main hall, for other activities including speeches. The executive took the opportunity to preach about AMASC, the Arizona Conference, the future of UASHA and all were interested. The Headmistress enumerated the achievements and the challenges of the school.

The Executive handed over a gift to Sr Liz for the school as a token in appreciation for the Sacred Heart Education. It was an African artwork inscribed with UASHA Logo and words of appreciation. A copy of UASHA constitution was also given to the school Library.

Hermine – van Asten- Wennekers from Netherlands during her recent visit to Uganda. She shared lunch with some UASHA members. On the right is the president, Rosemary and her daughter Angel Merici on the left. Next is Josephine and Stella

After lunch, the alumnae made a power point presentation on career guidance. This was intended to uplift performance and to guide the students on their future career path.
As a way forward, UASHA agreed to create a permanent link with the school. This will enable UASHA offer any possible service, where necessary. We also agreed to track candidate classes. This is intended to recruit those soon graduating into UASHA.

In conclusion, I can say, our first visit to one of our schools was a success. Thanks to team work within UASHA, support by the Religious of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, and Sr Irene Cullen who mobilized financial support for us. We intend to visit our other schools in future as to when resources allow. We also plan a water harvest (Rain water) project for our schools and communities around in future.

For God and My Country
Rosemary Namukasa Ssembajjwe (Mrs)
President/ UASHA

Sarah Cassidy
National President-Canada
In April 2015, the 40th American Association of Sacred Heart Alumnae (AASH) National Conference was held at the Westin Copley Place in Boston from April 9 – 12. Over the four days there were approximately 264 alums including our 7 Canadians- Maureen Elliott, Maureen Brown, Francis Murphy, Catherine MacDonald, Sarah Cassidy, Eileen Bitten and Miriam Regan McNeil who listened to panelists discuss Outreach to the Marginalized and Honoring Our Children’s Future through Faith, Art and Action. The content of this conference was outstanding.
Barbara Rogers, RSCJ, Head of Newton Country Day School organized students to provide tours of the school, then a performance by the Grade 7 and 8 choir and presented the Iconography of the Chapel.

The Cor Unum Liturgy and Awards were held at St. Cecilia’s Church. The Woman of Conscience recipient was Gail O’Donnell rscj; Cor Unum Recipients were: Esther Mariassy Kmetty, Laurie Weiss Nuell, Karen Witt German and Eugenie Mimi O’Hagan as well as a Young Alum award and Essay Contest award.
On the closing evening, good byes were said to new and old alumnae friends while the Irish dancers performed and left all attendees with a feeling of one Heart in Philanthrophy.

The United States-Canada Province Assembly/Chapter was held on July 15-19, 2015 in St.Louis, Missouri.  The focus of the four days was to reflect personally and with others on aspects of the theme Women of the Heart- Life Unfolding…Mission for the Emerging Future.
Approximately 194 RSCJs and 33 guests/staff were in attendance. I was fortunate to join Carolyn MacKenzie, Peggy Gorman and Danielle Dunleavy as Canadian guests along with the following RSCJs Canadian from Halifax: Sally Mahar, Donna Dolan, Norma Heffernan, Anne-Marie Cann, Mary Findlayson, Kim King, Uchenna Oluoha, Sally Rude, from Prince George: Sally McLean, Mary-Ann Bates, from Ottawa: Sheila Smith, Ama Serrano-Juarez and from New Orleans: Shelley Lawrence. Anne Wachter was unable to attend and was greatly missed.

Thursday July 16 began with an uplifting prayer reflection; visuals and accompanying drum beat representing our heartbeat by Uchenna Oluoha, our Halifax novice from Nigeria. A very informative Leadership Report was given following the prayer. Guests were present for the day to bring their ideas and have a Conversation of Significance with the RSCJs. To accomplish this, all participants chose one of the four guideposts: Spirituality, Education, Young People or Justice Peace In Creation to explore and discuss in small groups with guidance from Pat Kozak, csj the facilitator. Reflections of the day were noted and shared.
The upcoming days offered further discussion among each sister who would assist the General Council discern the theme and shape preparation for discussions at the General Chapter 2016. The General Chapter 2016 will take place from 7th July to 10th of August in Centro Ad Gentes in Nemi, Italy.

Carol Haggarty, rscj and the Planning Committee orchestrated an outstanding program. A few years ago, Carol asked Nick the Manager of the Embassy Suites hotel in St.Charles where all were accommodated, what his hotel was doing about the Human trafficking issue. Nick did some research on this problem in his state, was shocked and approached senior management to establish a staff-training program to promote awareness. The outcome from Carol’s question and Nick’s initiative is that Hilton hotel chain anti-trafficking efforts have now resulted in training 25,000 of its employees on dealing with this social issue.

Maureen Glavin, RSCJ, Head of School of the Academy of the Sacred Heart welcomed us to the school where we walked past sculptures of Saint Madeleine Sophia, Mater and the wall of photos of the Network of Schools on our way to the chapel, shrine of Saint Rose Philippine Duchesne.

A Liturgy of the Eucharist was held where we celebrated the 75th, 60th and 50th anniversaries of 13 rscjs First profession of vows. A dinner followed the liturgy where shared a meal and heard about the planning strategies and activities for the 200th anniversary of St. Rose Philippine Duchesne in 2018.

In conclusion, I am grateful for my experience at the Assembly, my visit to the Shrine and my involvement with the Religious of the Sacred Heart and I look forward to Life unfolding.
Respectfully submitted,
Sarah Cassidy
National President- Canada