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AMASC Newsletter September 2014 Edition

1.- HUNGARIAN Sacred Heart Alumnae Association
6.-  L’AMICALE FRANCOISE BRAUN, le réseau des Anciennes du SC de la RD Congo en Amérique du Nord


Esther Máriássy Kmetty
Annual report from the HUNGARIAN Sacred Heart Alumnae Association

The Hungarian Association has continued to be active in spite of the fact that the school was closed by the Communist regime after the 1948 school year.
The alumnae meet on the first Wednesday of each month from September to June in the former school.
There are relevant speakers which are arranged by the President. I have heard some of the RSCJs who reside in Budapest, a professor at the university and a member who presented a biography of a favorite Mére of her school days.
The dues are payable by each alumna in the amount she is able to pay.
The major caritas project is assisting one another as needed. Those able give rides to those who need it.
This is being submitted by Esther Máriássy Kmetty, a dues paying member of the Hungarian Association who is the delegate by proxy to the AMASC Congress to by held in Scottsdale, Arizona, November 5-9, 2014.

Gloria Leal,
"The Alumnae Association of the Sacred Heart of Cuba in Exile and the "Gagas", a group of alumnae from the same graduating class in Cuba, donated a house for a family in need in Santo Domingo as shown in the photo (the before and after).

In addition, the Association helped a mission for the elderly established by Carmen Comella, rscj in Habana, Cuba, ran by the two religious sisters who are in Cuba in San Jose Obrero and Regis House.
The Association celebrated at Carrollton (Sacred Heart) School a mass to honor Saint Magdalene Sophie's feast followed by a lunch where around one hundred alumnae enjoyed this event. Also, during Lent, there was a Reflection Day.
The "Hojita de Mater" is mailed four times a year to approximately 250 Cuban alumnae residing in the United States or other parts of the world. This publication keeps the Cuban alumnae linked in the spirit of the Sacred Heart.
On October 18, 2014, there will be a mass to honor Mater at the Carrollton campus.
On November 8, 2014, the Association will celebrate the annual Hojas de Otono, our fund raising activity of the year."

Australian Sacré-Coeur Association (ASCA)
Anne de Broglio, National President

As this report is being written, Australia like many other countries of the world, is still feeling the pain of loosing some of their nationals through the Air Malaysia MH17 disaster.
We lost Sister Philomene Tiernan rscj, 77years of age, who was returning home after a rewarding sabbatical leave in England, USA and France. She attended the Sacred Heart Conference celebrating the life and legacy of Janet Erskine Stuart held in the U.K. and she later travelled to Joigny for a retreat.
Before her return to Australia, Sr Phil visited family in The Netherlands where a special service was being held for her uncle who died in World War II.
Memorial Services for Sr Tiernan and Australians who died on MH17 have been held in many cities of Australia as well as at the three Sacred Heart Schools. We pray for Sister Phil and all those who died in that terrible tragedy as well as prayers for strength for their families.

Special celebrations were held this year in honour of the Centenary of the death of Mother Stuart. 
Kincoppal-Rose Bay in Sydney opened a space to be known as the Stuart Centre, in recognition of Sister Janet Erskine Stuart rscj.
Sacré Coeur, Burke Road, Melbourne The Janet Erskine Stuart Crucifix (A gift of hope) - When she was the Reverend Mother General, Janet Erskine Stuart gifted the school with the beautiful crucifix which adorns the main chapel. This year they commemorate both the centenary of the reception of this gift, as well as her death, in 1914.
Stuartholme, Brisbane had great celebrations for the Centenary of the death of Mother Janet Stuart.  The Alumnae also organised a Madeleine Sophie Tour in June/July to attend JES Conference, visit Sacré Coeur schools in France as well as visiting Joigny.

For the last three years, a Formation to Mission has been held at the Sacred Heart Schools in Melbourne, Brisbane and Auckland in New Zealand

Canada Sacred Heart Association (CASHA)
Sheila Donahoe, National President

CASHA newsletter article September 2014
All Chapters have been promoting the 2014 Congress and at this time the Canadian delegation is small but there are a couple of time attendees registered.

Montreal has produced a seond edition of its newsletter which is a renewed and much appreciated and informative initiative. They held a well-attended Spring tea and Mass, a Pin Ceremony where graduates of 2014 were given an AMASC pin by an alumna, and supported many fund raising events including the Annual Golf Tournament in support of the School Bursary fund. A team of young alumnae won this year's tournament! The Montreal school hosted the Congolese in North America as they gathered for a day of meetings and fellowship in May.

Vancouver continues to stay connected with a dedicated team who produced a spring Newsletter and gathered t their old school to shre their friendship and support for their Sacred Heart family. The Janet Stuart Chapter in Ottawa is reflecting and visionng for the future of its group. They have reached out to try to get new participants to keep the group flourishing. A new leader is expected to take over in the next few months.
Ottawa mourns the loss of one of its long standing and most famours memberswith the passing of Eleanor Milne, a former Dominion Scuptor.

Halifax added 38 new members to its alumnae/i roster with the graudates of 2014. They were welcomed into the Association at a Spring Luncheon and among those attending were Krista Jacsson '80 who son Sam Wile graduated and two grandmothers, Claire Landry Murphy '55 and Judy Simms Sapp '61, proudly watched their grandchildren Katie MacLellan and Alexander Sapp receive their membership. Halifax had two very successful fundraising events in a book reading with Donna Morrisey, a food demonstration with Chef Dale Nichols and alumna Emma Strubank '09, great participation in the most successful Bursary dinner ever and two Passports events. All of CASHA is praying for the nuns from Barat Residence as they prepare to move to their new home at Caritas Center.

We look forward to Scottsdale and AMASC 2014.

Japanese Association of the Sacred Heart (JASH)

Report from Yoko Nakayama, JASH President

A Collaboration between two JASH Committees
AMASC Tokyo Congress Commemorative Fund Committee and the Study Group Committee

The month of June for JASH has always been marked by an important annual event, the “Gathering of Young Alumnae” organized by the Commemorative Fund Committee. This year, with the 15th AMASC World Congress in view, the Chairs of two committees of JASH got together to organize a joint event named the “Gathering of Young Alumnae and the Study Group”. It was held on Saturday, June 14, 2014.
With an audience of 70 JASH members including 20 Young Alumnae, the Gathering opened with a Prayer in response to “A minute for Peace”, a message sent to us from AMASC. Then followed Commemorative Fund Committee Chair Sueko Watanabe’s invitation to all JASH members as well as the Young Alumnae to attend the AMASC Congress in Arizona. Two past participants of AMASC Congresses (Costa Rica and Sydney) gave an informative and enjoyable talk on their unforgettable encounter with AMASC, how interesting and fun it was, and the impact it had on their lives. The Young Alumnae listened on with great interest.
Study Group Chair Yasuko Yamaoka at the helm, the Study Group’s contribution to this joint event was the PP presentation of the resumé of their three years’ work. Kaori Okamura, former JASH Secretary, presented it in exactly the same way as it would be in Arizona. Beautifully prepared and perfectly executed, we all hoped that many fellow AMASC Attendees from all over the world would come and witness JASH’s Study Group Presentation at the AMASC Congress.
The afternoon concluded with Tea and Cakes prepared by the members of the two committees, where different age groups of JASH members mixed and mingled, and enjoyed an hour of lively conversation. 

 L’Amicale Françoise Braun
le réseau des Anciennes du Sacré-Cœur de la RD Congo en Amérique du Nord

Philomène Makolo

  L’Amicale est une cellule de l’ANASC DR Congo en existence depuis 2010. Elle a tenu son assemblée générale annuelle le Samedi 24 Mai 2014, à l’Ecole du Sacré-Cœur de Montréal, Canada. Cette rencontre  était placée sous le thème général  du passage de flambeau « Picking the torch and carrying it with pride », voulant par-là encourager les « petites » pour parler Sacré-Cœur du Congo, à prendre la relève. Celles-ci ont répondu à l’appel en organisant  la rencontre et en assurant l’intendance,  la  présidence, et le suivi des décisions et recommandations.  
    Grâce à la générosité et à l’engagement de ses membres effectifs, sympathisants et d’honneur,  et en étroite collaboration avec l’ANASC, nous avons continué d’unir nos cœurs à l’écoute du monde, de l’Afrique et du Congo depuis la dernière rencontre du 25 Mai 2013 à Ottawa. Un membre de l’Amicale a pris part, aux côtés de la délégation de l’ANASC et de la Présidente de l’AMASC, à la première rencontre de la région Afrique, à Kampala, en Janvier 2014. Nous avons continué d’apporter notre soutien à la promotion de l’excellence et de l’honneur dans les 6 écoles du SC, par une aide à la formation des clubs d’excellence.
     Le caractère international du SC a été souligné. Tout d’abord les passeports du SC que nous avions pu faire établir grâce à des échanges avec Esther Kmetty (US International Hospsitality) ont été distribués aux membres.  Puis, une « grande », ancienne de Mbanza-Mboma, a présenté un mot de remerciement saluant l’élan de solidarité  de la grande famille du Sacré– Cœur à travers le monde; ainsi que la compassion, la sympathie et la générosité dont ont fait preuve des connaissances, des amis/amies,  et des personnes de bonne volonté à travers les Etats-Unis et le Canada, en faveur de la réhabilitation des infrastructures de Mbanza-Mboma après l’incendie du 9 février.
     La situation de  Mbanza-Mboma  continue de dominer nos débats et nos actions. Les membres, individuellement et  collectivement, sont  venus en aide en joignant  leurs efforts et leur engagement à ceux des anciennes du Sacré-Cœur  regroupées au sein de  l’ANASC Congo, apportant soutien matériel et financier pour subvenir aux besoins immédiats et contribuer à la  reconstruction.